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  • Titleآموزش‌های مهارتی و کاربردی / آموزش زبان
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Dear Applicant

Considering the position of science in Islam and emphasis of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on learning in the noble hadith saying: “seeking knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims; and due to pandemic of Corona virus in the world, Al-Mustafa International University as a scientific, educational and training institution by creating an online education platform has provided an opportunity for those who are interested in learning Persian language to join this program.  Wishing you to successfully pass this course with the help of the Mustafa's experienced professors, hoping to see you in the Islamic Republic of Iran soon after this crisis.

Deputy of Education, Al-Mustafa International University

General information :

About the program:

This course is an introductory course that has been set up for applicants to study in the Mostafa International University in Iran. Please see “how to register” before starting registration.

Currently, this course only includes Persian language teaching (four semesters, for a total of 6 months). If the Coronavirus outbreak continues, other lessons may be added to the course.

Your ID verification is performed at the same time as passing the course, so please carefully fill out the identity forms and upload the required documents on your panel. If you successfully complete the course, then you will be authorized to follow up your education in Iran.

Course type:

This course is online (virtual), so the following are required for your participation in the course;

- Connection to the Internet with sufficient bandwidth (at least 1 mb)

- A computer or laptop

- Headsets or a combination of speakers and microphones

This is a combination of online class and homework assignments, so you should pay enough attention to the following:

- Timely and continuous attendance in online classes.

- Doing coursework and assignments according to the deadline.

Important Note: The main condition to pass the course and obtaining the authority to study in Iran is delivering homework assignments regularly and participating in online classes on time.

Registration guidelines:

Follow the steps for registration:

1.     Create your account and your username

2.     Fill out the forms and upload the required documents

3.     Choose your class

Only if you complete successfully all three above steps then your enrollment will be finalized. So apply for registration after studying this section carefully and providing the required documents.

1.     Create your account and your username

Click on Registration button, then click on “Create an Account”. If you don’t have an active account in the system, insert the following items and click on the "Create my account" button;

·        Email or mobile number with country code

·        Password containing at least 6 characters and repeat it to confirm

Note: If you already have an account in this system, there is no need to create an account and it is enough to login your account via the "Login" button.

2.     Fill out the forms and upload the required documents

After creating an account or logging in, you will be redirected to this page. At this stage, it is necessary to enter your identity and educational information and upload the images of the required documents. To avoid any problems or disturbances in your registration, before starting registration, prepare the following items and enter the required information carefully and correctly.

·        Identity information includes; Name, surname, gender, nationality, place of residence, religion, mobile phone number, country code

·        Images of required documents include; Passport details page, national ID card, latest educational degree and photo of applicant.

·        All submitted images must be in full color with resolution greater than 100 DPI. The size of each uploaded file should not exceed 2 MB.

·        The applicant’s photo must be passport size, full face, in color, with white background and without hat and glasses, in compliance with the Islamic hijab for ladies and must be less than 6 months old.

·        The applicant’s photo should not be the same as the photo in the passport.

·        If the last degree certificate is in the process of being issued or there is currently no confirmation or official certificate of completion of the course that you have taken, you would have time until the end of the course to upload a picture of it.

3.     Choose your class

This page displays a list of registrable classes according to your gender, religion and nationality. After reviewing, select the class according to your desired conditions by clicking on the "Select Class" button.

Note: it is not possible to delete and move the class after registration, so please choose your class carefully.

Important Note: After this step, the necessary information to reenter the system and the course schedule will be displayed to you. Please save this page for the next visit.

Important Note: The course will start after intake registrations are completed. You will be notified of the start of the course through the system, e-mail and SMS. Therefore, enter your e-mail address, mobile number and country code carefully.

Important Note: to make sure your registration status, you can refer to your desktop (user panel) after completing the registration and use the available links to validate your e-mail address and your mobile phone number.